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Selfridges London B.Tempt'd Event

Posted by Lindsey on
March 30th, 2011

Esmée visited Selfridges in London today for a special event hosted by B.Tempt’d. She gave a little show and held a meet and greet in the avenue to promote the upcoming release of her second album and the Spring 2011 campaign of B.Tempt’d and their campaign “Get Breast Cancer Outta Here“. The brand will host another event in the Selfridges in Manchester on April 7, if you want to get a chance to win tickets be sure to e-mail

We added the first released photos of Esmée in our gallery, she wore a red leather jacket, black shorts, a cute B.Tempt’d bra and again her killer hairs. She still has her hair blond, and crimped it. If you were a lucky fan and got to meet Esmée today please e-mail us ( with your photos/video footage and we will add them in our gallery. Full credit will be given.

Esmée even performed a brand new song of her second album according to @laurenharvey26. It’s called “All Around the World“, let’s hope more information will be available about this song. The title only sounds promising right?

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Appearances > 2011 > March 30th: B.Tempt’d Live Performance + M&G in Selfridges, London – Meet & Greet

Second Album Studio Time Update

Posted by Lindsey on
March 25th, 2011

The news is coming in slowly the last few weeks because Esmée is currently working in the studio for her second album. Her debut single of her second album is set to release this Spring, so hopefully it’s not too long away, and her album will be released late summer 2011. As you all know Esmée moved to London in January as she has been working with different producers and songwriters for her second album. She is currently in New York and will go to LA as well to work on her second album.

If you are follow Esmée via twitter (@esmeeworld) you notice she is keeping us up-to-date via her twitter on her working progress of her album. She isn’t giving away too much, but the tweets so far sounds promising!

Surprising every1 with my new music here… I like! Its all about growing and being real.
24 March

Working today in the studio in NY.. What’s going on Europe?
March 22

Yooo @efexxmusic we have a Hit on our hands… Its crazy!!!!! Listening to it literally every freaking minute of the day! #album#2
19 March

She is also blogging frequently, with fashion mood boards, funny photos/videos but also personal blogs via That Girl From Youtube. If you have read her bogs, I believe Esmée is much more in control when it comes to her second album which is a good thing if you ask me. She doesn’t only write how good the progress is going, which most of the time is all you hear from artist when they promote an album, but she also writes about her insecurities, thoughts and shows us she is only human. I find it inspiring to read, and I feel like she involves her fans and followers really personal with her second album.

Now I love the fact that I am in control of things. But it’s also kind of scary because if it doesn’t turn out the way I planned I will only have myself to blame. » Read Full Blog

I remember something a producer once told me he said Isn’t it logical that you would have the most energy at night because everybody is sleeping and there is so much of it just floating around for us to grab. I thought that was kind of interesting since everybody in the music business records and writes their music at night. » Read Full Blog

I am always so busy thinking about the future and what I want. Always planning ahead of time. Right now I am working really hard on my second album and it’s all coming together perfectly. » Read Full Blog

B.Tempt'd London Event

Posted by Lindsey on
March 25th, 2011

B.Tempt’d and Esmée are hosting another special performance, last time was in New York, and this time the UK fans get a chance to meet and see Esmée perform live. The event will take place in in Selfridges on Thursday 7 April, only 50 people get the chance to meet Esmée. The 50 lucky fans could win the tickets by sending an e-mail to with their name and telephone number, but I am pretty sure the tickets are already given away but you could still give it a try.

Esmee Denters to perform at Selfridges
Singer/songwriter and face of b.tempt’d lingerie Esmee Denters will be performing live in Selfridges on Thursday 7 April at 6.30pm on the main staircase on the lower level.


If you haven’t won the tickets and you live in/nearby London it’s an idea to go to Selfridges around 6.30pm, maybe you could still meet her before or afterwards? If I were you I would give it a try anyways.

Anuvahood & PPQ Event

Posted by Lindsey on
March 16th, 2011

Esmée had a busy night last night because she attended two events in London. First she attended the premiere for “Anuvahood” and afterwards she headed to Bungalow 8 for the PPQ and Office launch. We added the first batch of photos of Esmée walking the red carpet, departing from the premiere and at the launch party. She wore a green jumpsuit with killer heels. Be sure to also watch the very short footage of Esmée during the premiere below as well.

Around the 3:15 mark

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Studio with Efexx

Posted by Lindsey on
March 15th, 2011

As you all know Esmée is currently in London to write and work for her second album. She recently revealed she already recorded about 30 songs. She will go to New York and LA this month: I think for business meetings and maybe to work with some producers and songwriter. If you follow Esmée via twitter @esmeeworld you already noticed she is teasing us with tweets so every now and then. They all sound promising.

We added two new photos of Esmée in the studio with Efexx in our gallery. Who is excited for her second album?

Been listening to my songs back 2 back in the studio… Crazy!!! RU ready?
10 March

Rise and Shine.. Studio, tweaking some songs and just make them sound even better. #perfectionist. Good morning all :-) x
10 March

I will talk about my new music soon.. My baby is growing fast!
8 March

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B.Tempt'd Spring 2011 Campaign

Posted by Lindsey on
March 10th, 2011

The spring 2011 campaign for B.Tempt’d officially started. As you know Esmée is the face and spokeswoman for the brand and their campaign “Get Breast Cancer Outta Here“. For the spring 2011 campaign they recently released a new website and send out a newsletter with the advertisement of Esmée. The advertisement is also appearing in the current issues of Vanity Fair, Glamour and US Weekly to name a few. My good friend Helena scanned the advertisement of the Glamour issue for us and we added it to our gallery.

For every $50 purchase you get a free gift which is a flash drive with exclusive content of Esmée and on top of every B.Tempt’d bra which is purchased $2 is donated to the Susan G. Koomen Foundation.

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