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Gallery Update

Posted by Lindsey on
January 21st, 2009

I added some new pictures to our gallery, thanks to Laure and Lia for this information! It really means a lot when visitors and fans comment to this site! Thanks for your support.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Blender Magazine '09 Users Guide

Posted by Lindsey on
January 19th, 2009
Blender’s recession-proof picks for your music and movie dollars in the coming year.

Pancake waitress catches Justin Timberlake’s eye. Beautiful music ensues.
TBD (March), Album No. 1

Esmée Denters was on her way to a useful career as a social worker when she chanced upon online celebrity. Two years ago, paying tuition by waiting tables at a pancake house in Holland, Esmée (pronounced Ez-May) posted a YouTube video of herself singing the TLC hit “Waterfalls.” The clip, shot with her sister’s Webcam, is grainy but captivating—Denters nervously chomps her gum—and faster than you can say “LonelyGirl,” her shy, Dutch-au-pair-next-door charm had attracted more than 100 million views. Among the smitten voyeurs: Justin Timberlake, who liked her cover of his “What Goes Around … Comes Around” and made her the first artist signed to his label Tennman Records. Also a fan: Oprah Winfrey, who featured Denters alongside a skateboarding bulldog on her show about YouTube phenoms.

Her debut album will be far less low-tech than her MySpace videos. She’s worked with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder (who created Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”) and the production duo Stargate (Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”), who, she says, are “amazing. I’ve been singing their songs since I started on YouTube.” Timberlake is executive producing, and he adds vocals to the electro-bounce jam “Love Dealer,” in which the usually demure Denters warns, “Don’t let these innocent eyes fool you.”

At 20, she still lives with her mom in the small Dutch village of Oosterbeek and continues to post covers on YouTube, though they’re less pixilated now. “I have to pinch myself to make sure this is really happening,” she says. “I hope it’ll never stop, because I was a terrible waitress.”

Thanks Mark for letting me know this!

Esmée Update

Posted by Lindsey on
January 16th, 2009

I’am so excited that Esmée has her own twitter account because I love to her what she’s is doing and twitter is a great way to keep us up-to-date don’t you think ?

On My way to the Dance class right now.. I just love dancing so this is just fun – 3 hours ago


Going to the Gym Again and after that Dance classes – 5 hours ago

I hope she is working out for her debut music video clip or concert!

Official Esmee Twitter

Posted by Lindsey on
January 15th, 2009

Thanks to Glow21 for giving me this information but it looks like Esmee has her own official twitter now! If you have a twitter account you can follow her online.

visit Official Esmeeworld Twitter

Latest Updates from her official twitter:

In the Gym training – 20 hours ago from web
Hi New Followers, cool that you signed up to my account.. I will be updating you guys – 20 hours ago from web
In La.. going to do some fun stuff 10:54 AM Dec 8th, 2008 from web
In los angeles busy working 8:50 AM Dec 8th, 2008 from web
Writing a song 5:56 AM Nov 27th, 2008 from web
travelling 3:42 PM Nov 23rd, 2008 from web

Esmée Update

Posted by Lindsey on
January 14th, 2009

Just a little update from Esmée’s official hyve page:

In the Gym training @ twitter

I don’t know if she is in The Netherlands or in the USA.

Site & Esmée Update

Posted by Lindsey on
January 12th, 2009

Almost a week and no updates from me but there isn’t much going on around Esmée. I can’t find any news on her debut single – wich will be released in January – or her album – wich will be released in March -, so I’m wondering if it’s going to happen this month.

Thanks to Irfan for letting us know that Esmée and Luke Moses are creating a song together wich will be released in October. It’s called ‘One Letter’. You can watch the video here.

I hope there will be news this week because I know a lot of you are getting frustrated because it’s so long since Esmée posted a video and there isn’t any news on her debut single. Just hang in there just like I do.

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