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Esmée releases free download: “Down There”!!!!

Posted by Lindsey on
August 31st, 2013

Esmée just released a ‘free download’ on her official sound cloud account. Yesterday she already teased us with a preview of the song on her instagram. The song is produced by Josh Wink. Be sure to listen to it below, and you can also download it by going to this page.

What do you think of the song?

4 Comments on “Esmée releases free download: “Down There”!!!!

  1. vmarkg

    Not really my favorite by Esmée. A lot of people will like it though. I’m glad she put something out.

  2. esmeeuk

    It’s a good track for the clubs but it’s not among my favourites by Esmée. Maybe that was just an experience working with Josh Wink. I think the album won’t sound like this. Glad she (finally!!!) released something for the fans! She should do this more often putting more songs out until the first single from the new album comes out. Can’t wait for to hear more songs! :)

  3. esmeeuk

    Recent songs: City Lights > Dance 4 Life > It’s Summer Because We Say So > Down There.

  4. Mbase

    It sounds kinda cheap, but yay for new music ;)

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