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“City Lights” KGee Remix!

Posted by Lindsey on
August 12th, 2013

Many thanks to @esmeeuk for finding this, but Karl Gordon released his full remix of “City Lights” on his official Soundcloud. Esmée only released an acoustic version of the song so far, so it’s really exciting to hear a re-mix!

City Lights” was suppose to be the first single of “Screaming Out Loud“, which was a working title for Esmée’s recording for her second album with producers Karl Gordon and Ben Cullum. It seems to me that she will not release the songs she wrote for “Screaming Out Loud” but that she is working on new songs for her second album, but I guess time will tell.

3 Comments on ““City Lights” KGee Remix!

  1. esmeeuk

    I love this remix! Esmée’s vocals are powerful on it. I’m sure Esmée wasn’t feeling 100% confident with the songs produced by KGee and Ben Cullum. She has been working with a lot of talented producers under supervision of Billy Mann. I’m really glad he is on her side supporting her career!

    I tweeted Karl Gordon asking if he’s allowed to release any more music he produced for Esmee.
    “karlkgeegordon maybe I will leak a few more songs accidentally on purpose :)”

    I don’t know if it’s a good thing to leak songs but it would be nice to hear more unreleased songs until the new album comes out… since it’s not a problem for Esmée.

    Also, Billy Mann tweeted: “Blasting unreleased @joshwink1 versus @esmeeworld by the pool & EVERYONE is grooving. #deepdeephouseintheHamptons” Then, I asked him if we’ll be able to hear it and he told me ” maybe soon …maybe”.

  2. vmarkg

    Love the Girlie Rap.

  3. esmeefan

    Hi guys it’s esmeefan!

    It’s been years for me since i open this website ( it looks good lindsay love the new stuff..)

    When i open this account i hopes there was some music or videos from esmee but still nothing:(

    I understand she wants to make a GOOD ALBUM but that doesn’t mean you have to work on it for 5 years?? That’s just ridicilous to be honest… and the reason why i deleted my twitter account is because there was nothing to tweet no video no music nothing nothing nothing and i was losing followers like crazy… I also noticed that esmee lost her account with her fans no vlogs on here youtube channel no live chats nothing… that’s why everyone forgot about her and as you can see her twitter followers are going from 150K to 130K crazy right!!!

    I love esmee and ive been a fan of her since her first videos on youtube. i was watching her videos daily…. I literally went through the jerney with her even when she didn’t released anything i still was there for her everyday on my twitter….

    I am still here for you esmee but I can’t support an artist without hearing/seeing/chatting..

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