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We need YOUR help! (Future of

Posted by Lindsey on
July 8th, 2013

Hello everyone, I’ve been debatting wether or not I should post this for months now. I need your help, because I would love to hear your thoughts because all these years you have been the reason I kept this site going.

I’m thinking about deleting, I’m really sad that I feel this way but it’s really difficult to keep up a fansite when there is not much going on in Esmée’s career right now. I know she is working in the studio on her second album, but “Outta Here” was released 4 years ago and it’s been too long if you asked me ;-)

So, what would you guys thinking about being deleted/going offline?

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  1. Briana

    I come on this site everyday knowing there will be no new news but to look back at old pictures of Esmee & how she was enjoying life making her debut album! I would say keep the site until the end of this year or until Esmee’s 25th bday! I glad you open a site for us Esmee fans but if we want more Esmee we can search on YouTube! Thank you for this amazing site & when it’s time for it to go you’ll know! Thanks Lindsey! Love Briana (@Rihtina_Raylake)

  2. Mbase

    I come to the website every now and then, but it bugs me she (Esmée) deosn’t inform us. I feel like she needs to perform in clubs and bars, maybe with some covers or some of her old songs. But I kidna feel like she doesn’t really care that much anymore.

    BUT with that said, I do think her second album will come this year, and it would be a pity if there wasn’t a place to discuss it. I also feel like we are giving up on her if you delete this fansite (it’s obviously your choice, but you know haha).

    That being said, i think that Esmeefans is the first fansite ever dedicated to Esméé, and that it would be a lost if you delete the fansite. If the second album is good, and getting received well, i think you might regret for giving up the fansite ;)

    I would miss it, but it’s your choice at last ;)

  3. vmarkg

    I know how you feel. I wouldn’t delete it, maybe just go on hiatus for a while. There is so much good content, it would be a pity to delete it forever.
    I think Esmee is having a hard time as an independent getting her music published. There doesn’t seem to be too many people in her corner, other than Billy Mann. I can’t understand why someone didn’t pick her up after her split from Tennmann. Maybe it was her choice to remain independent, I don’t know, but things sure didn’t work out the way us, her long time fans thought they would. Really disappointing.

  4. FENNY

    Lieve Lindsey en fans

    Persoonlijk zou ik het jammer vinden als deze site verdwijnt. Zelf heb ik er ook al die jaren op gekeken om alles te volgen, het persoonlijke mail contakt met Lindsey was geweldig.
    Lindsey natuurlijk 1000 XXX THANKS.
    Ik denk voor Esmée als dit je jong overkomt op je slaap kamer, is het natuurlijk geweldig, de music wereld geeft ups en downs en het is al geweldig om je zelf staande te houden. Ben dus trots op haar. Esmée is eigenlijk niets veranderd, zich zelf gebleven, heeft het naar haar zin in Londen, wat toch wel een wereld muziek stad is, werkt dagelijk hard in de studio’s, gelooft in zich zelf en gaat er 100 % voor. Ze was onlangs in New York om met Billy Mann te schrijven en werken, waar ze een fantastische warme vriendschap mee heeft, op muziekaalvlak ben ik daar ook dankbaar voor. Geduld is een schone zaak, ik weet dat Esmée zonder haar fans, die haar van het begin volgen niet kan en dankbaar is. Die CD komt er, maar dingen hebben tijd nodig en je bent afhankelijk van grote mensen om je heen. Esmée keep gooing on, Love XXX je mama.

  5. Lindsey

    Thanks everyone for your comments and nice words. I’ve decided to keep the site for now :-)

  6. Joel

    Hi guys, reading this thread and your comments gave me the courage to send Esmee a personal message on FB with a little request in support of the admin of this website. I hope she will contact you if she reads my message.

    Kind regards,
    a fellow worried fan :-)

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