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Esmée going to Eurovision Songfestival 2014?

Posted by Lindsey on
July 12th, 2013

The dutch media site is reporting that Esmée will represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Songfestival 2014. Nothing has be confirmed yet, Esmée’s manager didn’t reply to the rumors, but the dutch Eurovision confirmed they will release more official information after the summer. I guess time will tell.

What do you think about Esmée going to the Eurovision Songfestival?

6 Comments on “Esmée going to Eurovision Songfestival 2014?

  1. Mbase

    Not trying to be rude, but I think Esmée would get teared apart if she does this. She hasn’t really got a reputation of a good live singer on events and festivals (TMF Awards for example). But maybe with a nice smooth ballad it could work!

  2. Lindsey

    @Mbase – I sadly feel the same way. I think any artist in general gets teared apart by the dutch audience when they do Eurovision. Anouk kind of was the first in years who got positive feedback but only after she made it into the finale.

    But maybe, if Billy Mann can get a good producer and or songwriter to writes a killer hit – I hope he will use the same people who produce P!nk’s albums – then maybe… If she has a good song it also could work. I’m not an Eurovision fan myself at all, but it’s an amazing stage to promote yourself as an artist!

  3. tiffany

    I agree with you guys,if esmee will perform on the eurosongfestival, their are going to be a lot of haters and negative comments about her voice and performing. But i think that it will also give a her a big boost on her music career. People in all different countries will be reminded that Esmee is an artist. I think eventually it will give her more oportunties to become succesfull. Cause if you look at big artist like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, besides their having amazing albums and have good voices. They have the most important thing, and that is a big promotion team, and an huge budget to use to promote the artist. So i think personally that eventually it will be a good thing. So if Esmee will join the Euro songfestival i hope that she will work with maybe a dutch dj, like tiesto or armin van buuren.

  4. Thijs

    Here is my opinion on the previous post (late, as usual). I understand why you would delete the site. It hasn’t been a cakewalk these past years. I too have lost track of Esmée. Yet, after all those years I still return to this place occasionally. If her second album comes out and this site is gone, I think all of us would miss this place. This said I want to thank you, Lindsey, for the great work you’ve done so far. I’m happy you’ve already decided to keep the site running for now. I’ll come and take a peek occasionally that’s for sure.

    Now to respond on this post. The Eurovision can either break you or make you. The promo would be good, but it’s not gonna be easy. If it comes to this, I hope she’ll do well and give the Dutch people something they can be proud of.

  5. vmarkg

    I don’t think Esmee needs to enter a talent contest. She’s beyond all that. Chances of bad press are high and its a big risk. She just needs a new album with lots of promotion and backing both in Europe and the U.S. And she needs this SOONER, not later!!

  6. Mbase

    I agree with vmarkg! :)

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