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New Blog: “You have to take the stairs”

Posted by Lindsey on
January 22nd, 2013

Esmée just posted a new blog entry to her official facebook account (Be sure to ‘Like’ the acccount if you haven’t) and I really wanted to post it on here.

A lot of our loyal vistors have been here from the beginning of Esmée’s journey, we watched her first covers and we saw her getting discovered. But now 6 years later we have a lot of questions, and I kind of feel like Esmée is ready to share her side of the story. This blog entry feels like the beginning, and it’s definitely worth the read!

There is not elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

Hey everyone

I saw this Quote the other day and I had a little breakthrough moment for myself ! You know when u see read or hear something and all of a sudden you feel like everything starts making sense.

I totally agree with what this Quote is saying you have to work hard for your Successes. I don’t believe it just shows up on your doorstep. A lot of times the hard work that you put into something doesn’t seem like work because you have a passion for what it is that you wanna succeed in. For example when I posted my first youtube videos in the beginning of my career. I didn’t consider this working and I still don’t but I spend hours and hours of my time recording and singing in my room and thankfully you guys noticed.

After I got discovered on youtube It all seemed to happen so fast. I felt like I was being catapulted into this whole new world I had dreamed about for such a long time but that I knew nothing about. I was unexperienced and I was relying mostly on my talent. I had never recorded in a real studio before or performed in front of a real audience like a lot of experienced artist. And suddenly I was doing all these things for the first time while the world was watching. Looking back I have to be honest with myself. I know it definitely showed that I was green as grass. Here I was the world at my feet but I wasn’t quite ready for it

It was an exciting and exhilarating time for me but I also found it scary and nerve wrecking. So many people where behind me wanting me to succeed. A lot of you where looking up to me and it all felt so surreal. I felt the pressure and sometimes it made me feel like a complete phony. Me a superstar Who was I kidding? Only a year ago I was a shy girl working in a pancake house studying to be come a social worker. Sure I had these big dreams for myself but it wasn’t until you all started supporting me that actually believed that I could be a real recording artist. It felt like everything was handed to me on a silver platter. And I sometimes wondered if I really deserved all of it.

Somehow When I read this quote and I look back at my story so far this is what I make off everything:

Imagine you are on the ground floor of a skyscraper. And you wanna reach the top really bad because you are dying to see the amazing view that’s been promised. Now you have 2 options you can either take the elevator knowing that it will only take a couple of minutes or you can choose to take the stairs. I think the first time around most of use would choose to take the elevator because technically the view is exactly the same and it takes a lot less effort. But only once you are up there you start to realize how much more amazing that view could have been if you had put your own blood sweat and tears into it. The payoff would be so much greater. Then you would have really appreciated it and it would have been a true accomplishment instead of it just being a pretty view.

Do you understand what I am trying to say? I am not suggesting that next time you go see the Eiffel Tower or the Empire state building you take the stairs I am simply using this as a methaphor for the road to success. I feel like that’s kind of what happened to me I had an opportunity to get on that elevator and I so did.

But today I am running up those stairs like my life depends on it and I know sometimes I am gonna stumble and fall. But like one of my favorite Aaliyah songs ‘if at first you don’t succeed Then dust yourself off and try again ; )

There is much more to this story and at some point I will share more of it with you when the time is right! Just realized how incredibly long this blog has become.

So now that I have told you something so personal about myself.
I wanna know

When was your last breakthrough moment? and what did it mean it to you? X Esmee

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  1. Nancy

    I’m glad she shared this with us, things make a little more scence now. I think Esmée has a beautiful voice in more than one way, I always enjoy the blogs she writes :)

  2. Mbase

    So basically she’s saying Justin Timberlake was her elevator to succes in first place right? But isn’t that weird, because she did have alot of writing credits and ideas for musicvideos?

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