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NOS Dance4Life Special

Posted by Lindsey on
December 2nd, 2012

The dutch television station NOS did a special on Dance4Life and they also showed a little bit of Esmée’s performance with Erik Arbores during the Dance4Life event in Ahoy Rotterdam yesterday. You can watch their performance and interview afterwards below, we are trying to convert it but in the mean time you can enjoy it this way.

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Stay tuned for more coverage including photos!

7 Comments on “NOS Dance4Life Special

  1. esmeeuk

    You can watch Esmée’s full performance (#HD) at dance4life nl event here:

  2. Thijs

    Nice performance! But what’s with the audience? Dance 4 Life, but nobody is dancing.

  3. VmarkG

    Hope she does a Christmas song this year. I really enjoyed the one’s she did in the past.

  4. esmeeuk

    So boring! I’m really disappointed.

  5. VmarkG

    *chrp* *chrp* *chrp* <== crickets
    What happened to the YouTube covers or maybe I'm missing something?

  6. tiffany

    I know right, really wondering what is going on right know on music level with Esmee. She does twitter alot but not much about her music. Is she even still signed to a label ? I hope so!!

    I think it is great if esmee will do more youtubecovers but i dont think that it will get a big amount of subscribers. She should have done that 4/6 years ago when she was a huge youtubestar. If Esmee did regular video’s on youtube she would easilly hade over 500000 subscribers. And that would have really helped her career. What do you guys think ? I feel like her career is not really going anywhere. I hope that she will tell us more when the album will be released ?

  7. esmeeuk

    I think the worst thing is that she doesn’t say a single word about what’s going on with her career. She’s working on the new album since Nov 2010, we’ve been always waiting for something and nothing from that album seems to have seen the light of day.
    yes, I’m curious to see the new youtube covers but it’s obviously she won’t have the same buzz like 6 years ago.
    We know she knows things aren’t going well for her (she said on twitter there’s a business side to things) but I keep feeling like we’re lost in a dark room. I really hope Esmee and her team (does she have a team?) will tell us something one day.

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