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Upcoming Dance4Life Appearances

Posted by Lindsey on
November 28th, 2012

Esmée will do some promotion for “Dance4life (Now Dance)” with Erik Arbores in the Netherlands the next few days. The song is currently available at Itunes, so be sure to buy it! All profits will go to Dance4Life which raises awareness and money for HIV/AIDS. For more information be sure to visit their official website.

She will stop by the dutch television show ‘De Wereld Draait Door‘ (The world is going crazy) to give an acoustic performance of the song with Erik tonight. (November 28) So dutch fans be sure to tune in! Esmée will also join Erik on Saturday, December 1st, during the Dance4Life charity event in Rotterdam.

The dutch news paper Spits published a new interview with Erik today, in which he talks a little bit about working with Esmée. You can find the translated quotes below:

On admiring Esmée’s ‘rock-and-roll’ life style: “It’s awesome to go on tour with a lot of big stars from the States. Who doesn’t want that? I do!”

On approaching Esmée for the song: “Esmée is very good. Everyone said she wasn’t going to collaborate with me. She has a lot of people in her environment who protect her but I went for it and e-mailed her. Esmée replied really excited and immediately agreed on collaborating.”

On working in the studio: “We didn’t have much time so we had to work really hard. We worked for two days from 12 until midnight. I finished the music already, and she recorded her part. It was a lot of fun working with her. I am a little bit spoiled now because what should I do in the future when I will work with a less talented artist?”

Direct Itunes store links: Unites States, Great Brittan, The Netherlands. Remember, all profits will go to Dance4Life!

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