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Esmée will record song for Charity

Posted by Lindsey on
October 24th, 2012

Esmée revealed a few days ago on twitter that she will write a song for charity. She later added “Going to NYC and probably to Miami aswell #nice”. She didn’t mention for which charity she will write a song, but hopefully we will find out soon!

Writing a song for charity! #lovemyjob

It’s not the first time that Esmée wrote a song for charity. She previously released “Crazy Place” to support Oxfarm Novib and “Follow my Lead” with Justin Timberlake to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children.

8 Comments on “Esmée will record song for Charity

  1. essie

    What happened to the song you’ll be the one produced bu kelly rowland ??

  2. esmeeuk

    I tweeted 3BeatMusic (they’re releasing ‘It’s Summer Because We Say So’ on iTunes tomorrow):

    “All of our records are sent to radio well before the release date. The radio station decides what to play. Keep requesting it!! request it on Kiss FM too ;)”

    Come on, guys! Let’s request it! You can request the song via internet as well. Go! @KissFmUK @ChoiceFm @1Xtra

  3. Mbase

    I think we should focus on Australian music station (because summer is hard to find atm in the UK) haha

  4. esmeeuk

    Out now on iTunes.

  5. Mbase

    I’ve bought it! The song is less autotuned than the musicvideo! The remixes are nice too!

  6. Linny

    I can’t wait no longer. Esmee is still an unknown artist after 5 years. She is losing her followers on twitter and her updates are not really about her music career anymore. She doesn’t upload a lot of video’s on youtube anymore, which she also lost subscriber or interest of her youtube fans. Many people have already forgotten her. Only we are true loyal fans that keep hoping for a breakthrough in her music career. Many stars are rising and she is still standing still. I know that she works hard, and we still need to keep supporting her.. but it’s hard.

  7. Thijs

    Just realized that “Summer Because We Say So” is also available on Belgium’s iTunes. Buying it right now!

  8. Esmeefan

    We are probably the most patients fans in the world hah we should get a award for that! Lets hope she will do those back to basic covers or will it only be a tweet like the most things she tweets?

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