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Esmée thinks about “sharing new music everyday”

Posted by Lindsey on
October 4th, 2012

We are all waiting to get news on Esmée and the release of her second album. If you follow her on twitter you will notice that she is giving away bits and pieces about working on new music, but she never really announced something official. She send out an interesting message yesterday on twitter:

Just wanted to let you know I think about sharing new music everyday. Unfortunately Its not that simple there is a business side to thing. Maybe I should call my new record Blood Sweat and Tears LOL thats what I put into it!

I know a lot of fans, including myself, feel like we have been waited long enough. But it’s not all up to Esmée, the “buisness side” has to make sure her music will get distributed and promoted. I do hope we will get new music soon, but please try to keep supporting Esmée. Like she said, not everything is up to her, and she needs a fanbase who supports her!