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Esmée announces ‘Back to Basics’ Cover Series

Posted by Lindsey on
October 22nd, 2012

Esmée announced that she is going to do a series of acoustic covers, I am super excited for this. It’s been a while since she last uploaded a cover on her youtube account. You can send in suggestions for covers by tweeting her @esmeeworld or by writing a message on her facebook wall.

Going to do a series of new acoustic covers.. And you can help me pick the songs.. I am going to call the series “back to basics”. I am going to do what I do most and that is singing! #backtobasics

2 Comments on “Esmée announces ‘Back to Basics’ Cover Series

  1. VmarkG

    Good move….getting herself back out there.

  2. Amalia

    She started follwing a boyband called the velvet ( like the honor society) but i think she will be touring with them

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