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“My Super Sweet Sixteen” Performance

Posted by Lindsey on
June 16th, 2012

We have a real treat for you today! I just came across unseen and exclusive photos of Esmée during her “My Super Sweet Sixteenperformance back in 2010. Esmée gave a performance to celebrate Medy’s birthday. They are high quality, so be sure to check them out in full size in our gallery!

We would like to ask you to credit when you use or re-post these anywhere else!

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Events from 2010 > August 29th: ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ Performance

12 Comments on ““My Super Sweet Sixteen” Performance

  1. Lindsey

    Interesting, just saw this tweet of Mizz Bren:

    Alright folks…it’s official. I just inked a deal @ RCA Records!!!! Yay yay yay! New album in the works soon, which=awesome!

    Seems like everyone is leaving Tennman …

  2. vmarkg

    Hmmm that is interesting. Matt Morris left a long time ago and went on up to Interscope. Haven’t heard much from Freesol. I don’t think Justin’s heart was in it. Too many other things going on.

  3. esmeeuk

    ‘It’s Summer Because We Say So’ will be the first single from the upcoming album. Thoughts?

    I don’t know if that’s a good idea but I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the future. The music video didn’t make a big impact (less than 250,000 views on youtube).

    I hope it gets a release on music video TV channels and the song gets an official radio release. She needs to do BIG this time. The single release on iTunes is in August. So I think we can expect the album at the end of the year. I really hope she releases the album this year!

    She’s writing and recording more songs for the album with great producers this time. She really wants to make something perfect and I like that! Can’t wait to hear the song produced by Matt Schwartz, he’s a talented producer (kylie minogue’s worlwide hit ‘timebomb’ was produced by him)!

  4. tiffany

    To be honest i was really looking for city lights for the first single of her album. They already made a video for that i am confused why are they changing it up. I think her new single is a fun song but not a big hit.

    btw; mizz bren is still working with Justin
    JoyEWil No. JT and I are still in business…just no more Interscope.

    I still wonder why Esmee choice to leave / had to leave Tenman Records.

  5. Lindsey

    I liked City Lights better then Summer because we said so to be honest. But I am happy she releasing new music.

    Thanks for that Tifanny, overlooked it myself. This might mean Justin is still involved with Esmée?

  6. m

    Summer cause I say so is no single material imo. The beat is lame, ok for an promo track but nothing more.

  7. esmeeuk

    I agree with you guys! I’m not being negative but ‘Summer cause we say so’ doesn’t sound like a big hit. The song is fun but it’s ok for a promo track and nothing more.

    ‘City Lights’ sounds better and we didn’t hear the original version. I like the remix and acoustic versions! And the music video was looking promising!

    I really hope she makes right decisions this time because she needs to make a BIG comeback. #TeamCityLightsfor1stingle lol

    The album was finished months ago (she announced on facebook, do you guys remember?) and then she decided to return to the studios to write and record more songs with other producers. I think it’s a good idea to work with more producers. I’m happy she worked with Matt Schwartz and Jester, they’re really talented!

    Please Esmee, pick up the better tune, make it an official single and get ready to slay!

  8. patrick

    “It’s Because We Say So” is great song, but it’s obviously been produced/mixed/mastered for ad purposes.

    It’s definitely an ad track/promo single for Esmée.

    I think the announcement of it being the first single is for promo purposes for Team Esmée.

    City Lights will be the official first single..(I think haha..)

  9. Thijs

    I also like “City Lights” better then “It’s Summer Because We Say So”. But I don’t think it’s a bad idea to release that song first. It’s a good enough song to create a hype again, to make sure people talk about her again. And after that, they can release a great, solid second single like “City Lights” to finally storm the charts.

  10. patrick

    *”It’s Summer Because We Say So”
    *a great song

    I hope the announcement of it being the first we’ll at least get a “single mix”? That would be AMAZING. I really do LOVE it!

    Anyway, everything Thijs said. :-)

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