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Welcome to Esmée Denters Fans! Your longest running - since 2007 - source dedicated to singer/songwriter Esmée Denters. Esmée was the first artist Justin Timberlake signed to his new label Tennman Records/Interscope after getting a huge following on youtube. Esmée released her debut album "Outta Here" in 2009 and is currently working on her second album in London. We aim to provide the most complete and comprehensive information and news on Esmée since the beginning of her career.

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By Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 • City Lights , News & Rumors - Lindsey  

Esmée released the first still of her upcoming “City Lights” music video recently. We added the still in our gallery. It looks promising! Esmée in the dark, with the london city lights in the background. She filmed the music video earlier this year and we hope it will be released soon!

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Screaming Out Loud (2012) > Music Videos > City Lights: Production Stills

  • Mar 05m says:  

    Still looks nice. I wonder when we get to see the result.

  • Mar 06Mbase says:  

    You can watch the episode with Esmée Denters here btw! (Who’s In Who’s Out): http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/afleveringen/1242678

  • Mar 06Mbase says:  

    It was very short, but she looked amazing and her acting skills where pretty good!

  • Mar 20JP says:  

    No news yet. Maybe someone likes to hear the new single of Eva Simons, Holland’s second hope in “bange dagen”?


  • Mar 25tiffany says:  

    I thought that album was done but it seems Esmee is still working on it.
    The video and the single is done . What are their waiting for !!!

    Esmee seemed upset about somethting wonder what that is about. Hope not about the release of her album.?
    Lots of questions and no answers …………

  • Mar 25Mbase says:  

    This era is already such a fail. Great job :’)

    No but seriously, i am all excited and all, but this whole situation is getting ridiculous.

  • Mar 25Fan says:  

    maybe she was upset about the passing of whitney houston. she was a big fan of hers. i hope she will do a tribute video.

  • Mar 26linny says:  

    sorry to say but I think she is not gonna make it really big in the music industry. Other artist are already rising as a star and Esmee is still in london recording music.. maybe she should also sign up for ”The voice of UK”’ or another talent show..

  • Mar 27FENNY says:  

    IK HOU van HOLLAND zaterdagavond 31 maart, zal ESMÉE in het pannel te zien zijn.
    Heb haar vorige week (moeder) in LONDEN bezocht, is hard aan het werk en lieve fans het komt binnen kort helemaal goed with MUSIC…..


  • Mar 27R says:  

    Super psyched for the @IceWatchUK launch party, live performance by Esmee Denters, DJ set by Danny Jones with special guest Cathy Guetta!

  • Mar 27Thijs says:  

    ^ Sounds interesting! But it’s the first time I hear that. I wish Esmée updated us a bit more about such things.

  • Mar 27Thijs says:  

    And god! Where’s that bloody music??

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