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Welcome to Esmée Denters Fans! Your longest running - since 2007 - source dedicated to singer/songwriter Esmée Denters. Esmée was the first artist Justin Timberlake signed to his new label Tennman Records/Interscope after getting a huge following on youtube. Esmée released her debut album "Outta Here" in 2009 and is currently working on her second album in London. We aim to provide the most complete and comprehensive information and news on Esmée since the beginning of her career.

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By Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 • City Lights , Gallery , News & Rumors - Lindsey  

Finally, some good news on Esmée second album “Screaming Out Loud“. Esmée filmed the music video for her first single “City Lights” of the album last night. We added the first set photos in our gallery. We absolutely love Esmée’s look, she looks stunning with her blond do and her make-up by Samantha & Nicola Chapman is simply beautiful.

Daniel Broadley is the video director of the video, be sure to see his work on his official website. We are so excited; it seems like we really get to hear new music soon!

Gallery Links:
Music > Screaming Out Loud (2012) > City Lights: On set – January 9, 2011

  • Jan 11Thijs says:  

    I have the feeling this is gonna be a great year. Thumbs up for Esmée!!

  • Jan 11Patrick(Niceguy) says:  

    YES!! I’m ready! Bring it on, Esmée!

  • Jan 12m says:  

    New video and website coming soon. Now we only need a release date, the single and a good promo plan!

  • Jan 13jamy says:  

    Can not wait!

  • Jan 13Thijs says:  

    A little preview of City Lights is coming to youtube soon!

    That got me excited. I wanna hear the original so badly!

  • Jan 13Patrick(Niceguy) says:  


  • Jan 14FENNY says:  

    Fantastisch ESMËE, kus FENNY

  • Jan 14Mbase says:  

    Cant wait any longer tbh!!

  • Jan 15m says:  

    I hope we will get a preview this week!

  • Jan 20m says:  

    soon, Soon, SOON? my ass! LOL

  • Jan 21Patrick(Niceguy) says:  


  • Jan 23vmarkg says:  

    A college fraternity brother just now NAILED Monica’s “Angel of Mine” on American Idol try-outs. Everyone was just blown away, but I seem to remember a pretty young girl from Holland sing it better on You Tube a few years ago, :-)

  • Jan 24esmeeuk says:  

    Heyy skattie binnenkort weer eens in nederland?? Willen hier toch ook wel eens een concertje van jou.. Xxx

    Feb kom ik weer langs voor de opnamens van een tv show..


  • Jan 25Patrick(Niceguy) says:  


    One of my favorites!

  • Jan 29Thijs says:  

    Just read that Esmée is one of the guest stars for the new season of “Ik hou van Holland”.

  • Jan 29Mbase says:  

    @Thijs great! That show has very high ratings! But i wonder how much Esmee knows about her cwn country… :)

    Source btw: http://www.totaaltv.nl/nieuws/7687/Nieuw_seizoen_Ik_Hou_Van_Holland_in_aankomst.html

  • Jan 31Ramon says:  

    Whats going on with Esmee, Interscope and Tenman Records??

    She isn’t on the interscope artist list anymore!?


    It’s taking sooo long ….. we want new music..

  • Feb 01Thijs says:  

    Maybe she started her own label…

  • Feb 02Lindsey says:  

    @ Ramon – I wouldn’t worry about it too much, I mean she was never listed at Interscope at their artist library since she was official signed to Tennman. She still has her own artist page.

  • Feb 05Ramon says:  


    I saw her on the site while ago on the Artisit libary. Thats why I noticed it…

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