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Happy Birthday Esmée + Brand New Layout

Posted by Lindsey on
September 28th, 2011

First of all we want to congratulate Esmée, because today is her 23th birthday. Happy Birthday Esmée, we hope you will have an amazing day with your family and friends! Be sure to leave your own birthday message by commenting to this post (Esmée might read your message since she visits our site) and congratulate her on Facebook and Twitter as well. Be sure to add the hash tag #HappyBDayEsmee or insert Happy Birthday Esmee to your tweet.

As you have noticed we have a brand new layout to celebrate Esmée’s birthday. We think it’s one of our best, maybe even our best one yet. We used one of our favorite photoshoots taken by Stephanie Pistel for “Outta Here” because we realized we never actually used that one. The theme is designed by the talented Hillie. We are still working on some details but let us know what you think and if you find any errors.

We want to apologize again for the lack of updates, but we can inform you we are back and we will try to update you frequently with the latest on Esmée and her upcoming album “Screaming Out Loud“. We will catch up with some missing news, we already have a few messages in the draft, in the coming days. Esmée recently visited London Fashion Week and we added the latest twitpics and tumlbr photos to our gallery. We are still working behind the scenes by updating pages, adding more content etc.

12 Comments on “Happy Birthday Esmée + Brand New Layout

  1. Briana

    Beautiful Layout!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESMEE!!!

  2. Mbase

    Smooth layout Lindsey! Although i do think her upcoming theme/album artwork is gonna be completely different :)

  3. Lindsey

    Thanks Briana and MBase! And I agree, her upcoming artwork is going to be different but they only released one photo of it and it was hard to design with it so I though let’s honor one of her old shoots =)

  4. niceguy

    Happy birthday, Esmée!
    Love the new layout!, Lindsey. :-)

    I think her new album is going to have a sort of dark theme.

  5. fcbforever

    Nice layout Lindsey!! And happy birthday Esmée!

    The album artwork will probably be more mature.

  6. m

    Love the new look! An error in Introducting Esmée, she is 23 years old :p

    I am curious what the artwork of the new album will look like. She said the designers nailed it.

  7. m

    Btw. check this news about sister Daphne:

  8. Hailey

    I LOVE it! Its so gorrrrrrg! <3

  9. vmarkg

    Great layout Lindsey. Very professional.

  10. Lindsey

    @ M – Thanks, changed it =)

    And thanks everyone for the comments, glad you guys like it.

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