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Second Album Title is Announced!

Posted by Lindsey on
August 12th, 2011

A few weeks back Esmée announced she would reveal the title for her second album really soon, and yesterday she finally announced the anticipated album title: “Screaming Out Loud“. We think it sounds really catchy! Let’s hope more information, and maybe even a release date, will be announced in the next few weeks!

Back in July Esmée wrote she finished writing a song called “Screaming Out Loud“, describing it as a ‘party anthem‘ and she is sure ‘people will love this song‘. It’s most likely the song will be on the track list of the album and maybe, we are guessing now, even become the first (or second) single of the album. Fun fact: the track “Outta Here” of her debut album was added to the track list at the last moment and as you all know the album is called “Outta Here” as well, maybe the same thing happend with “Screaming Out Loud“?

33 Comments on “Second Album Title is Announced!

  1. 2004crf450

    Sure glad things are starting to happen. The title is cool. Super stoked she’s getting into acting. She’ll be great. Hope someone records it.

  2. fcbforever

    Rumor has it Justin wrote/produced a track for Esmee’s next album called “Head Start”


  3. Lindsey

    @2004crf450 – I am happy she is exploring different fields, but I hope she will stay focused on her music as well.

    @Thijs – Think they got if from the rumored track list: “Head Start” [Written by Esmée, Hannon Lane, Justin Timberlake]

  4. fcbforever

    @Lindsey Haha, I just asked the person who tweeted that where they got it from. And it’s from the same post I found on Popjustice. Oeps :P

  5. Lindsey

    @ Thijs – And Esmée already worked with Justin, Hannon Lane and Timbaland around the Outta Here era. They wrote Gravity together (and more unreleased songs)

  6. fcbforever

    @Lindsey I know.

  7. Lindsey

    Hate that the news is coming in so slowly … I mean other artist that are releasing their album in September or even later are already attending events, giving interviews, doing promo, released a single etc. I hope Esmée will start herself soon!

  8. 2004crf450

    Happy Birthday Fenny!!!! :-)

  9. fcbforever

    @Lindsey I know what you mean. It’s frustrating. We’ve been waiting way too long, but waiting is the only thing we can do.

    P.S: Gelukkig verjaardag Fenny!

  10. Lindsey

    Interesting… Esmée’s english WIKI page was updated, not it says her album is going to be released in November. No source is given, but it could be a possibility right?

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