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5 Year Youtube Anniversairy

Posted by Lindsey on
August 25th, 2011

Today (August 25th) is an important day for Esmée and for us because 5 years ago on this day she posted her very first youtube cover with her sister’s webcam. Like every year (2010, 2009) we like to celebrate it with a special update.

We are so happy and proud we are following Esmée since her very first videos and we can not believe it’s been 5 years already. Esmée came a far way: posting covers at youtube, being discovered by Justin Timberlake and she was the first artist who signed to his label Tenmann Records, appearing on Oprah, releasing her debut album “Outta Here“, collaboration with artist like Chipmunk, Stanfour and Aggro Santos and now working on her second album “Screaming Out Loud“. We also think she grew vocally just like her performance and as an artist and we can not wait to hear her second album!

We thought it would be a good idea to congratulate Esmée with her anniversairy via twitter by adding #5YearYoutubeEsmee so be sure to send your love by adding #5YearYoutubeEsmee to your tweet.

We would like to give you guys an overview of the best covers (in our opinion) from the last 5 years, be sure to comment your own! You can watch our favorites inside/after the jump.

Best of the Year

2006: Waterfalls | 2007: Dance with my Father | 2008: As | 2010: You lost me

Best Collaborations

What Goes Around comes Around with Justin Timberlake | Unwritten with Natasha Bedingfield | Stope and Stare with Ryan Tedder | Taking back my Love with Enrique Iglesias (Original video has been removed)

Best Ballads

How come you don’t call me by Alicia Keys | Someone Like you by Adele | I’ll be waiting by Lenny Kravitz | Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Best up-tempo

Let me love you by Mario | Because of You by Ne-Yo | You give me something by James Morrison | The dock of the bay by Otis Redding

Best Vlogs

My first Vlog (2006) | Esmée (2007) | Esmee Anniversary Video (2007) | Episode I – Around The World With Esmee (2007)

16 Comments on “5 Year Youtube Anniversairy

  1. Lindsey

    Sorry guys for the lack of updates, but I have to admit my motivation was a bit gone with the lack of news BUT that changed today when I remembered her 5 Year youtube anniversary was today. Can not believe it’s been so long already ….

    And better news Karl Gordon tweeted they finished the album, I think the changed things after the meetings Esmée had. Let the mixing begin, and let’s hope the first single will be released in September-ish =D

  2. m

    I think they heard some suggestions for the album during the meetings, like adding an introduction to the album or such. So happy that they only have to mix the album and first single. After that they can start with the release!

    I love the covers, they are all sooo good. It is amazing that she improved even more vocally, I just can’t wait to hear the result on the second album with her own songs!

  3. Lindsey

    @ MR – I so agree, her voice only got better and better by the year which is amazing to see. The difference between her recent Adele cover is so much with her first covers, but she still sounds like Esmée. She has an unique and beautiful sound which is a rare quality.

    And I think you are right, adding a intro is great :) Love it when I listen to my ipod when I hear a intro of an album. Alicia Keys always does them.

    Just saw this, feel sorry for Esmée’s grandmother.

  4. niceguy

    I can’t believe it’s been five years…

    Happy 5th Anniversary, Esmée!! :-)

    Now, bring on that new music!

  5. m

    Tweeting lyrics?

    esmeeworld Esmée Denters
    Everyday should feel like Saturday!

    esmeeworld Esmée Denters
    It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. For me. And I’m feeling good

    She recorded tracks with the title Saturday and I’m feeling good, right?

  6. m

    Oh wait, that one is from Nina Simone of course :D

  7. Lindsey

    Just received a brand new layout =D It’s amazing, can’t wait to put it online.

  8. Niceguy


    Yay!! Can’t wait! :-)

  9. Lindsey

    Justin Timberlake and Tennmann records are promoting Freesol a lot lately. I think it’s safe to assume Esmée isn’t signed to Tennmann anymore since they do not mention Esmée at all anymore.

  10. Hailey

    I agree ^^ if not then thats really bad… :/ I mean c’mon, a record company promoting their atrist so poorly that their fans actually think they have been dropped. All I can say is they have lost an amazing artist! <3

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