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Moving to London & Resolutions

Posted by Lindsey on
January 4th, 2011

First of all happy be-lated new year. Let’s hope this is going to be a wonderful, healthy, succesful new year. 2009 was an amazing year for Esmée, but also for us. Let’s hope 2011 is going to be even better with the release of her second album. Last year Esmée’s resolutions were: Working out more for improve her performance, playing the piano more often and write more blogs.

Esmée is moving, temporarly, to London to work on her second album. Well apperently this is big news in her homecountry the Netherlands because all the big news sources are reporting it including NU and Telegraaf. But it’s good to know they still follow her closely. And it it’s really exciting news!

Esmée made a new blog post and posted it via twitter. She wrote her resolutions for this year and talked about moving to London. You can read the enty below:

Hey everyone,

I am moving into my own apartment in London to work on my new album. Can’t wait Uk here I come! 2011 is gonna be really exciting year for me. I am so focussed I can feel it this uear is gonna have lots to offer musicly and on a personal level.

It’s a new year and that means making new years resolutions.

Now there are definitly some thins I wanna change this year.

1. Being more organized (which is ironically on my list every single year LOL)
2. Eating more healthy (that means no more late night snacking)
3. Working out
4. Enjoying life to the fullest! (no stressing)
5. Grow / learning new things

What’s on your list?

Big kiss Esmée


Esmée is, as far as I know, still in the Netherlands. Preparing for the move to London. She spend christmas and new year’s with her family. Our new year’s resolutions? Well keeping the site up-to-date and the ever growing source of Esmée. We are ready for her second album, and will follow her daily. We aim to stay the biggest and most compleet source for Esmée and we can not wait to see what this year will bring us.

12 Comments on “Moving to London & Resolutions

  1. niceguy

    Very exciting!!! :-)


    This exact!

  3. Johanna

    TMF Top 100 2010

    Where’s Love Dealer? :(

  4. tiffany

    I never saw this live perfomance of Esmee on the showcase.
    She sings memories turn to dust live.

  5. niceguy

    So, she’s working with Justin next month, Interesting.

  6. niceguy

    I’m pretty sure she mean Timberlake not bieber?.. :P

  7. tiffany

    on twitter she says working with a other justin ? well it could be bieber it would help Esmee he is very popular.
    I hope esmee is going to do a livechat she did say that if her facebook would get 100.000 likes then she would do a livechat and she is getting close to 120.000

  8. jamy

    The only Singers i know who called Justin is timberlake and bieber !!! if she work with bieber i wnt will be suprised if she hit the 1 mil followers on twitter ahha

  9. fcbforever

    Working with Justin Bieber wouldn’t be a bad move. Her popularity will go way up! But there are a lot of Justin’s out there. Could be anyone.

  10. niceguy


    It’s guessing game now… :P

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