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Welcome to Esmée Denters Fans! Your longest running - since 2007 - source dedicated to singer/songwriter Esmée Denters. Esmée was the first artist Justin Timberlake signed to his new label Tennman Records/Interscope after getting a huge following on youtube. Esmée released her debut album "Outta Here" in 2009 and is currently working on her second album in London. We aim to provide the most complete and comprehensive information and news on Esmée since the beginning of her career.

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By Friday, January 7th, 2011 • General - Lindsey  

Today we can give you the first look at B.Tempt’d Spring 2011 campaign. As you all know Esmée is the face and spokeswoman for the brand for fall 2010 but she will also be featured in the upcoming Spring campaign.

We added the first outtakes of the new campaign in gallery. The outtakes have a different vibe then the fall campaign but she looks still beautiful. B.Tempt’d also released a behind the scenes video, including an interview, online. Be sure to watch it below; screencaptures are coming as soon as possible.

Gallery Links:
Wacoal America B.Tempted Campaign > Outtakes – Spring 2011

  • Jan 07niceguy says:  

    HOT!! :-)

  • Jan 07Johanna says:  

    AAB_BRANDING (Twitter):

    Esmee Denters will be in London from Monday 10th January for a few days. Esmee Denters is making London her permanent home this month where she is writing and recording her 2nd album. Esmee Denters new single is to be released in the Spring. Her new album is coming late Spring. On January 27th Esmee Denters is attending an MTV Dinner to honour the Head of MTV Bill Roedy as a guest of the host, Kelly Rowland.

  • Jan 07niceguy says:  

    YES!!!!! Finally some news!!!!

  • Jan 07fcbforever says:  

    ^Nice! Something to look out for :-)

  • Jan 07mr says:  

    Oh, Kelly Rowland. Those two still are in contact I see. I always did like Kelly Rowland, she seems to be very nice.

    So I suppose they already know what will be the first single, if they already know the release date. I don’t take the release date for the album to serious, after the experience last time :P But it is good that they seems to know the first single already, I hope it will be very very good :D

  • Jan 07Irfan says:  

    the 1st single has to be IT! and if its a hit they better release the album as long as there’s still some type of hype surrounding her. a major award show appearance or somethin would be nice too of course. like x-factor or something?! it always makes the songs a succes when artits perform it on there.
    and what about a duet with kelly rowland, shes also successful in the uk.

    i dont like those pics btw. they look kinda cheap, n ot because of her showing skin but they look a bit low-budget. anyways :)

  • Jan 08tiffany says:  

    wow that sounds really exciting her first single to be released in the spring. I hope so !!!!!!!!!!
    I really like the picture of Esmee when she is boksing but i agree with Irfan they do look a little bit low budget how they photoshopt the lighting she looks a little bit yellowish. They could have done a better job. She looks better in the video then on the picture and that is with no photoshoping ahahah
    I dont really think that this will benefit her career not alot of people know about this brand.

  • Jan 08fcbforever says:  

    @tiffany It allows her to get in magazines. And that’s promo for me!

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