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Esmée is a Top Youtube Success

Posted by Lindsey on
December 27th, 2010

The American Entertainment Tonight made a top 6 of “Pop Music’s Top 6 YouTube Success Stories” with a short news segment and our Esmée is one of the artist. She is included in the list alongside artist like Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa.

Esmee Denters, a 22-year-old Dutch singer-songwriter, was one of the first artists [Esmée was actually the first artist] signed to Justin Timberlake’s Interscope imprint Tennman Records. How? By getting discovered on YouTube, of course. Esmee sang hits by Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Natasha Bedingfield — shooting her videos for the cover-tunes from the comfort of her own bedroom, she says!]

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You can watch the news segment that aired in the US a few days ago below. Esmée appears around the 1:21 mark.

3 Comments on “Esmée is a Top Youtube Success

  1. jamy

    ive listen a few times to VICTIM and never understood why esmee didn’t released as a single its sush a strong song with a beautiful meaning.

  2. niceguy

    I agree!
    Some UK critics said the same thing!!

    This kinda brings me back to the subject as to why the left “Victim” and some other very strong songs out of the tracklist of the Us version of Outta Here.

    I really wanna know what the hell they’re planning…Haha. :P

    I really can’t wait for the new upcoming esmée era!!! :D

  3. jamy

    We will see and hear it al in #2011

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