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Esmée in 2010: A Year in Review

Posted by Lindsey on
December 30th, 2010

Inspired by Isabel Lucas Online we decided to make a summary / review of this year. 2010 has been an amazing year for Esmée: her break through in the UK with “Until You Were Gone“, her digital release of her debut album “Outta Here” and winning her second “Best Female” Award during the TMF (dutch MTV) Awards.

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Esmée started the year off with the release of her debut album “Outta Here” in the UK January 8. It peaked at number #48 of the official album charts. She promoted the release at BBC Radio 1 (January 10) and BBC Radio MAX (January 12). With the release of her singles “Outta Here” and “Admit It” Esmée became a more familiar face in the UK and therefor the media. The paparazzi waited for her while she arrived at BBC Radio 1. They will follow her more closely through the year.

Esmée won her very first award of 2010 in January: an EBBA – Best Artist [The Netherlands] Award. She attended the award show and met princess Maximá (married to crown prince Willem Alexander) who was a special guest during the ceremony. With the devastation catastrophe in Haiti a lot of countries, including the Netherlands, organized benefit events to raise money. Esmée was a special guest and performer during the Netherlands for Haiti event and performed Michael Jackson’s “I’ll be There” with well known dutch artist Trijntje Oosterhuis and Waylon.

The first collaboration of 2010 was with the UK artist Chipmunk. The radio premiere was February 25 and the single was official released April 16 soon followed by the music video. The single was the official break through for Esmée in the UK -Although her debut single “Outta Here” peaked at number #7 of the official charts the collaboration with Chipmunk reached number #3 – she got more media attention in the UK. In the summer Esmée promoted the single in the UK during different festivals including the Capital Summertime Ball and BBC Big Weekend.

“I heard through some fans that he’s [Chipmunk] been tweeting about how he loved my music and so we got talking and we decided to do a song [Until You Were Gone] together and it turned out pretty well”.

Esmée Denters on the collaboration with Chipmunk

In March Esmée flew back to the US to record the music video for “Love Dealer” on March 18 with Justin Timberlake. Because of him she got the attention of the paparazzi and they photographed her dancing on the street in LA. The release for the single followed on April 14 – and the release did not get unnoticed in the US. The big television series Entertainment Tonight aired a special which gave us a behind the scenes look and a lovely interview with Esmée and Justin.

“She’s an extraordinarily talented person and … she has her head on straight. She’s very humble”.

Justin Timberlake on Esmée Denters

With the release of “Love Dealer” (April 28) Esmée promoted the single in her homecountry the Netherlands. She was one of the main act during the Radio 538 Queens Day Event in Amsterdam. She also announced the release of another collaboration with the German band Stanfour: “Life Without You” -written by Ryan Tedder-. To promote the single Esmée performed in one of the biggest music events in Germany the Dome, toured with Stanfour during their “Rise and Fall Tour” and made a guest appereance during Gutzen Zeiten, Slechte Zeiten.

The summer was a busy time for Esmée – she shot the Fall 2010 campaign for B.Tempt’d, visited BillBoard Magazine to record Music Mondays “As” and a segment for the Michael Jackson’s tribute. With her cover for “As” by Stevie Wonder she made it on the front-page of the official website of Billboard. She spend some days in the Netherlands visiting Radio 538 and returned to London and attended different events.

Esmée won her second TMF Award for “Best Female” during the 25th TMF Awards (Dutch MTV Awards) in Holland. She was nominated for “Best Music Video” (Admit It) and was the special presenter during a part of the show. She ran into Taio Cruz during the show and he gave her one of his RockStar glasses. They worked together before and wrote a few songs. Rumor has it Taio and Esmée will re-unite and record new songs in the future.

Besides being musically gifted Esmée also is a sweet girl by heart. She finds it important to support causes like OxFarm but she is also involved in local causes. Esmée is an ambassador of the Ronald McDonald’s foundation and attended the special celebrating in August. Esmée was the special performer during the Shooting Stars Benefit Gala hosted by Samual L. Jackson and Scarlett Johanson supporting the Red cross and the Samuel L. Jackson Foundation.

August was a busy month for Esmée. The most important event: the digital release of her debut album “Outta HereAugust 24. The fall campaign of B.Tempt’d was released in various major magazines like Glamour, Instyle and Lucky. She was the new face and spokeswoman for the brand and they collaborate in the “Get Breast Cancer Outta Here” to raise awareness and money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Late 2010 it was announces Esmée would also appear in the Spring 2011 campaign. Esmée also surprised her youtube fanbase by posting a new cover video of herself singing “You Lost Me” by Christina Aguilera.

“B.tempt’d asked me to be part of their campaign and of course I was very excited.”

Esmée Denters on B.Tempt’d

In the Fall 2010 Esmée attended a few special events. The UK brand Lipsy hosted a party for her to celebrate her single release of “Love Dealer“. She also was a special guest during one of the first hosted MTV My Super Sweet parties in Holland. The episode will air beginning of 2011.

Late 2010 Esmée started focussing on the writing, producing and creating her still untitled second album. She uses twitter to keep her fans up-to-date. She met various producers and songwriters in the US, UK and Sweden. Her second album is going to be about growth and maturity. The current release is set for Summer 2011.

Esmée attends the Edisons Pop Awards 2010 in October. She was nominated for Best Song for her first single “Outta Here” – she did not win the award. The edisons are kind of the dutch version of the Grammy’s.

In November Esmée graced her second cover -her first cover was for Primo Magazine– for Nina Magazine (Belgium). The photoshoot was inspired by her “Love Dealer” music video.

“Well, I’ve dreamed a lot, you know. (laughs) I just never thought this dream would come true.”

Esmée Denters in Nina Magazine

The last event Esmée attended was the Miljonair Fair. It’s one of the biggest event in the Netherlands. She also performed a few songs including “Love Dealer“. Wrapping up the year Esmée is teasing the fans via twitter with quotes and even lyrics of her second album. To wish all her fans a merry christmas, Esmée posts a new cover of herself singing “Silent Night“.

Esmée announced in November she is going to be a judge for the website TopBlip. Topblip is a contest website to discover talent.

2010 has been an exciting year for Esmée and us, her fans! She’s sure to continue her rise in 2011 with the release of her second album. Esmée continues to prove us dreams can come true, she is living her dream. In the beginning she was still searching for her own musical voice. We are all looking forward to see what happens next: one thing is for sure Esmée will continue to grow, and we are all here to follow her journey.

Favorites of 2010

Here are our favorites of this year, do you agree with them or not? If you have other favorite or additions be sure to comment below:

Best Red Carpet Look
Esmée really showed us her amazing fashion sense. And most of the time she is styling her own look: “I like a really eclectic mix of clothes; I love vintage.” My favorite, or maybe one of my favorite looks (it’s hard to pick!), look of 2010 was the look for the Radio 538 Queens Day Event. I also liked her look during the Fashion Style Awards.

Best News
The best news of 2010 is probably the fact that Esmée is working on her second album. Although her debut album release (digitally) in 2010 in the UK and USA it was more exciting to hear about her second album. Her debut albums contains songs from late 2006 until beginning of 2009 – it is nice to hear she is making a second album.

Best Photoshoot
We were treated to 4 new released session of Esmée. Although we truly love all her photoshoot -she could always start a model career *wink*- our favorite one the one for Billboard magazine. It is really colorful and bubbly and really shows her personality.

Best Interview
My favorite Esmée interview -although it was not very long- was the interview for Music Maker. A dutch music magazine. It really shows Esmée is a smart and strong women. Someone with a passion for music but also realizes the commercial aspects of the business.

Best Magazine Feature
Sadly Esmée did not have that many magazine features. Her major features where for the UK Now Magazine and Nina from Belgium. Let’s hope next year she will be featured in major (fashion) magazines too. My favorite feature is by far the one for Nina Magazine, it shows a strong, playfull and sexy side of Esmée.

Best Quote
It is always a pleasure reading and watching interviews of Esmée. She truly has a great personality. Always love the way Justin Timberlake describes her: talented, knows what she wants and really humble. I love the way Esmée is still surprised by the fact how she got discovered but I love the new quotes especially the ones that shows us her more mature and ‘knows what she wants’ side.

“My next album is going to be more my own. I have so much to learn, and I think I’ll never be satisfied for 100%. I am a perfectionist. But I see myself as a good bottle of wine: it becomes better within the years. It looks like you aren’t done with me just yet (laughs).” – Nina Magazine (November)

“What will the future bring me? Maybe a conceptual album, new collaborations .. Who knows? I know for sure I’m not going to be the girl who got discovered via youtube by Justin Timberlake!” – MusicMaker (July)

Best Project
It was really hard to pick between the “Love Dealer” music video with Justin or the B.Tempt’d Campaign. But the B.Tempt’d campaign shows a new side of Esmée: being a model and a spokeswoman for an amazing brand. That’s why I pick the B.Tempt’d project as my favorite one. It was a great way to promote herself, via advertisement and appearances, but also to do something for a great cause.

Best Performance
2010 really showed us how much Esmée has grown as a performer. It was hard to pick just one performance, but one of my favorite performances was the -unexpected and unplanned- performance of Esmée with the talented dutch artist Alain Clark singing “As” by Stevie Wonder.

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