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Gallery Update

Posted by Lindsey on
December 18th, 2008

Just when I was complaining about no news I found two new sets of pictures. The first set is with her sister Daphne Denters. I don’t know if this picture was recently but I think it’s from 2008. I think they look so muck a-like! The second set is from the Youtube Live Event – thanks to antman.

I will add some exclusive unseen pictures of Esmée later. So stay tuned!

5 Comments on “Gallery Update

  1. 2004crf450

    Lindsey, great job. I know I got pretty discouraged with her and pretty much gave up on her for a while. Now that things are moving again with the concerts and TRL, it resparked my enthusiasm.

    Anyways, look what I found for ya. I don’t know if you already have this or not.

    Interesting they did it in one take and the guitarist, forget his name now, was sitting behind the screen.

    Make sure you click on the picture!!!!!


  2. Lindsey

    @ 2004crf450 – Thank you so much for the link Mark! but I already got the images in the gallery I found the link a few months ago.

  3. 2004crf450

    Oh, that’s cool. I thought it was pretty neat how they did that song in one take.

  4. Glow21

    The first picture, Daphne and Esmée, was taken at the premiere of Dirty Dancing, the musical.

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