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TRL Finale!

Posted by Lindsey on
November 17th, 2008

I added some new pictures of Esmée during the finale of TRL and she looks amazing! I really love her look and this is my favorite event so far! I hope i can add more pictures later!

MTV’s TRL ‘Total Finale Live’ Press Room 11/16

Arraving at MTV’s TRL ‘Total Finale Live’ 11/16

Thanks for Mark for posting some more information about Esmée’s appereance:

Well, TRL Finale is over here in the States. At the end, Justin brought out Esmee and introduced her and announced their “Follow my Lead” will be dropping on Tuesday for charity, and they showed the video of them on stage at Justin and Friends. Justin said a lot of good things about her and the Huge crowed seemed to really like her very much….BIG applause. Justin gave her a big hug at the end. The interviewer told Esmee she looked “Just Stunning” and she really, really did.
I have this on DVR too and hope to get it to wav or mp3.


If i find a video or more pictures I will update them later today!

2 Comments on “TRL Finale!

  1. Irfan

    wow! she never looked so gorgeous :D i love her style…shes such a beautiful girl!!
    i cant wait to get the charity single. and of course im so excited for her first single in january (we have been waitin for so long)!! :D

  2. Glow21

    Here’s the link to a video on Justin introduces Esmée. There’s a small clip of her and Justin performing on ” Justin and Friends ”.


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