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New Layout

Posted by Lindsey on
November 28th, 2008

As you can see we have a brand new layout. It’s totally different than other layouts has had, but we – Rámon and Lindsey – really like it. I hope you guys like it too. Feel free to comment.

I’m not compleetly done with everything but i don’t have more time at the moment so please visit us later for the compleet version of this layout – i hope i will have it online next week -.

Enjoy this layout!

8 Comments on “New Layout

  1. Joyce

    Awesome layout!

  2. Hank

    Lindsey and Ramon,
    Great job! You go to such lengths for Esmee’s sake and on behalf of all fans. I cannot but admire and praise you lot for your zeal and devotion.

  3. Eline

    Wow, Lindsey! This layout’s absolutely brilliant. Loving it! :O

  4. Tünde

    Wow, it really is stunning <3

    By the way: it’s “debut album”, “debuut” is Dutch ;)

  5. Kimmy

    It’s stunning!

  6. Danny


    I heard that my friend Goksel e-mailed you. I just wanted to let you know that he is an amazing designer, but now as good as you, of course.

  7. Ilona

    Amazing, like always ;)

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