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Esmée Denters Talks About Her New Album!

Posted by Lindsey on
November 8th, 2008

Seventeen Magazine Interview 10/28

Dutch YouTube singer turned pop star Esmée Denters stopped by Seventeen the other day — check out the pic of Esmée (center) hanging with the Seventeen interns! Lots of you have heard Esmée’s incredible covers of popular songs from her YouTube page, but how many people know which megafamous hottie is already a huge fan of hers, producing her album, and even performing on several of her awesome dance numbers?

Give up? It’s Justin Timberlake! Justin was so impressed by Esmée’s videos that he invited her to meet him backstage at one of his concerts and later signed her to his label, Tennman Records! Esmée’s album (out this spring) is eclectic and filled with catchy numbers — she even played a few of her favorite songs for us. Esmée says she can’t choose between singing ballads, which showcase her powerhouse voice, and singing uptempo songs, which are so much fun to record. Luckily for us, we don’t have to decide: We can rock out to the dance tracks when getting ready for a girls’ night out, and play the ballads while lamenting a bad breakup — this CD has something for everyone!

Looks like the promotion of Esmée’s debuutalbum has started! Yay! I don’t know if there will be an interview in Seventeen Magazine, but I hope so! I added an amazing picuture of Esmée during the interview to our gallery.

I know most of the fans are dying to see a new video of Esmée, but I know she must be really bussy at the moment so please be patience. I know for sure that Esmée haven’t forgot about ‘us’. Her promotion for her album has started, so I know we are going to see a lot more Esmée in the media!

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  1. Irfan

    wow! so glad the promotion is starting!!!
    ill definately buy that album :D

  2. Ramon

    Yes, I am gonna buy that album for sure!
    I hope it’s gonna be aviable in iTunes

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